Wildcare Wildlife Series Brochures

Below are links to information brochures produced by Wildcare on various wildlife topics.

Helping Baby Native Birds
Wildlife and Pets
Homes for Wildlife
Feeding Wildlife

Collecting Browse for Wildlife

Collecting browse is an integral part of caring for many species of mammals and birds. If you are a carer of any of these species, please read this document thoroughly to ensure you understand how and where to cut browse in a sustainable manner.

Collecting Browse for Wildlife


Easy Reference Sheets

Wildlife Permits in Queensland
Release Aviary Trailer Protocols
Non-Native and Hybrid Species
Use of Humane Possum Traps

Ringtail Possum Dreys
Possum Box Instructions

Breeding Mealworms
Dealing with Deceased Animals
Harvesting Browse and Fruit for Wildlife
Protocol for Transporting Bats

Rescuing Domestic Birds
Rescuing Domestic Reptiles
Keeping Live Food for Feeding Wildlife
Milk for Marsupials
Use of Protexin in Hand-raised Marsupial Joeys 
Wildlife Activities for Junior Members
Community and School Talks
Use of Injured Wildlife Images on Social Media
Use of Wildlife for Media Purposes
Wildlife Apps
Wildlife Emergency Contacts
Wildlife Supplies
Wildlife Thank You Cards
Pattern – Making Joey Pouches
Pattern – Rescue Basket Cover
Pattern – Joey Pouches (Double)
Pattern – Large Wallaby Rescue Bag

Volunteer Manual

If you have recently joined WILDCARE and are working through your Volunteer Manual, below are the Recommended Reading documents to enable you to complete the Orientation.

Wildlife Rehabilitation – Is it for You?
EHP Websitewww.ehp.qld.gov.au
Currumbin Wildlife Hospitalwww.cwhf.org.au
Australian Wildlife Hospitalwww.wildlifewarriors.org.au
RSPCA Queenslandwww.rspcaqld.org.au
Code of Practice for Sick, Injured or Orphaned Protected Animals in Queensland.
Guideline – Rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned protected animals – Conditions and restrictions

General Forms

Wildcare Education and Training Information

Our 2021 Education Calendar has now been finalised (link below).  Training workshops are currently only available to current Wildcare members.  Non-members are welcome to join Wildcare in order to register for workshops and you can join online at https://wildcare.org.au/help-us/join/

For more information about workshops, please email education@wildcare.org.au

Education Calendar (January to April 2021)


Legislation for Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitators

Rescue/Carers Records, Telephone Records

Permit Forms

Fundraising Guidelines

Species Fact Sheets

Rescue Examination and Progress Charts

Wildcare Policies

Wildcare Safety Management