About Us

Wildcare Australia Inc is a non-profit organisation situated in South-east Queensland. The organisation was originally formed as the Australian Koala Hospital Association Incorporated in late 1993 by Dr Jonathon Hanger. It became an Incorporated Association and registered charity in 1994 and is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations. In June 1996 after the government strongly urged the wildlife carers in its group NAVOS (Native Animal Volunteer Service) to become independent, three wildlife carers (Eleanor Hanger, Gail Gipp and Sharon White) decided to form their own volunteer carer’s wildlife rescue operation called “WILDCARE”. They started a 24-hour wildlife emergency telephone service in South-east Queensland. The geographical area covered rapidly expanded, reaching from the NSW border, west to Boonah and north to the Logan River. A group ‘umbrella’ rescue permit was issued by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service enabling current registered Wildcare rehabilitators to be able to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned native animals for release back into natural habitat. Both Eleanor and Gail are still actively involved in WILDCARE. In 2008 the members of the organisation elected to formally change its name to Wildcare Australia Inc. The aims and objectives of Wildcare Australia Inc are to:- rescue and care for sick, injured, orphaned and displaced native wildlife with the intention of returning them to the wild. provide training to volunteers in all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation. promote the protection of wildlife by maintaining and re-establishing habitat, and by controlling feral and domestic animals. advise the community on solutions to wildlife problems. raise public awareness of Australia’s unique wildlife and its diverse habitat requirements through community talks and education programmes. operate an efficient wildlife organisation in South-east Queensland which can be contacted at … Continue reading About Us